Thursday, March 01, 2007

Home sick

Shukri came and left like a breeze! we had a blast and i loved having her here but it all came to a sudden end and it made me remember that there is no place like home. Its official am homesick i miss everything.

i miss my family

i miss my mums cooking

i miss my crazy friends

i miss just been around people who know me

I was having a fantastic time till shukri reminded me what i was missing! Oh and my teacher is a slave driver, she had me purchase a book for grammar,a book for verbs ( i have hit the past and command) a book for writing short stories.

Short stories, my jaw dropped i even asked her if she was joking i haven't even completed level one yet!!!!


Ever The Idealist said...

We miss you too...
It was lovely to talk to you. Your sis (my ambassador) is coming in 1 week. Enjoy the sun and your lessons. Love and miss you loads

white african said...

aaaaaaaaaaaw nm, manchester aint the same with out you, the bus stop opposite your house attempted suicide the otherday as it felt a part of it had left.

falafel is threatening to close down unless you make an appearance.

the cctv cameras in teh myf had gone crazy and are on strike and wont function until you crawl in the sisters section.

oh nemo how everything and every one misse syou girl :)

hope your smilling....

The Godfather said...

Indeed, being homesick is a most awful feeling.

Fret not....Allah is with you, and you are in the thoughts and prayers of all of those who love you.

It's only a small matter of time, and you shall all be reunited. That aside, enjoy every last second you are there, for blessed opportunties as yours are very much few and far between.

Firefly said... was bound to happen, NM. Of course you will miss your family and friends and familiar surroundings! Something massive would be amiss if you didn't!

You've already been there a couple of months, you'll be back in the bossom of your loved ones before long I'A.

We expect you to be fluent, so get on with it, ey?

Aya said...

Oh, poor you! NM, homesickness sucks but think of the difficult language you're learning. Before you know it, you'll be close to all things familiar and near your family. You'll also come back to ignoramus Westerners who can't even command their native language much less entertain a new one. Cheer up and keep blogging! Some of us are visiting Egypt vicariously through your posts.

Anonymous said...

Wow i didn't realise i sounded so suicidal my phone hasn't stopped ringing since:)

very natural so i hear and since i didn't shed a tear when i left i guess this balance out the sepculations that i am made of stern stuff.

thanks you guys for the comments and the text and the calls, a girl is greatful to know that when things get a little gloomy your all there to the fan the flame.

Anyho there is a lot going on in the flat which means its too crazy to even contemplate homesickness and if smelly blogger would let me sign into my OWN account i would tell all!

But Alas i shall re-count the current tails at flat 1A very soon inshallah but its safe to say that Arabic, an egptian male and a change of address are all part of the tail :)


Newbie! said...

we all msii you too! probably more than you miss us missy, you have all the delights of egypt to take your mind of rainy manchester!

me and shukri went to visit your mum today. (my first lot of somali tea since you left :-( ) we told her how well you were getting on and she was so proud! your mum and rodah were a blown away to hear that you are washing up AND cooking!

miss you still lady. will see you on MAY 23 inshaallah!

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Mashallah. Beautiful blog.

I write a little as well. Inshallah come by when you have some time to read.

Wa salaam,

nuh ibn

hayak said...

salam alaikum!
Hope you are ok. They let me out once a term from my jail classroom, and i thought i would spend it wisely and leave you a message. Oh no, I can hear them coming to get me!

BTW, Adam (Hungary) sends his hellos!

NM said...

Newbie! awww...i hope you guys gave my mum a massive hug for me. my mums tea..mmmmmmm I now understand why heavan lies between your mothers feet!

Nuh ibn....Ahlan brother, you have read my blog at a rather teary time...missing home sob sob.

I just read your profile, Pride & Prejustice!!! you have just risen through the ranks of cool people at a phenominal speed. How about Jane Eyre?!

Hayak! how does it feel to be getting some fresh air:) I am glad your spending your time so well...wink wink. Dudette i think am due for another long distance phone call, psychologist grad to psychologist grad.