Tuesday, March 20, 2007


when my contact (who I met in a restaurant in cairo :)) gave me Risala's number I was under the impression it was an orphanage. Let me tell you how wrong I was, it in fact has an orphanage programme, a blind project, a deaf project, a special needs centre, a homeless programme and poverty project.I have not yet found out how it’s financed but I know the large bulk of its income in self generated through links with the community and several income generating projects such as work shop.

Its mainly staffed by volunteers and they seemed genuinely delighted that I would want to come and help. I was an instant hit with the children (mainly because I came with a 2kg box of sweets!)

My English is in demand by all the different projects and programmes, I already have 2jobs

1) Teaching English to the staff
2) Creating a database (although I havn’t done one since 1st year of uni)

I really want to do something with the orphans but they are up2 two years of age so am not sure what I can do with them other then play with them I guess. They encourage a mentoring scheme, were an adult becomes a brother or a sister to one of the baby orphans. I am not sure what that entails yet although it sounds interesting.

Iman (a beautiful woman who spoke fluent English) took me around to each department and introduce me to the project leader. I have not been hugged and kissed by so many people other then after Eid prayer and I loved every minute of it, the genuine instant affection never fails to warm my heart. The most heart wrenching moment was when Fatima a 7month old orphan was handed to me, Subhanllah she looked so000 Adorable, serene and unaware of her situation.

My mother was orphaned when her mother was 6months pregnant with her so she never met her father and then again when her mother passed away when she was 6years old. So from her stories I can guess how insecure and lonely Fatima will find this world! My mother was lucky enough to have an extended family but Fatima has no one. God I wanted to take her home, from today onwards inshallah she will become my sponsored orphan.

Oh and when I told the family I was going to be working at Risala I didn’t think it would results in anything but the banker, subhallah older sisters, there in an finite wisdom that no matter how old you become they still seem to have insight and resourcefulness that you wouldn’t even contemplate.The crazy woman sent me a text to say she has started a collection for the orphage and has collected £260 from Didsbury masjid and will be holding another appeal at the MYF before she arrives on Saturday. So far that’s 2860 Egyptian Junay what a sister!!


Flower.of.Chaos said...

What a sister indeed!

I think you're wonderful in so many ways Naima, and you truly inspire all of us through your blog! I wish I had the time and the mind to do the things you do (learn, volunteer!).

Keep it up and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

well done naima.. keep it up and may allah pless you.

floweer of chaos..
we all have 24 hours.. and as long as you are ready to take step forward allah will gudie you to.. good luck.

white african said...

indeed what a sister, she manage dto collect some more from the myf.

may allah forever protect her and keep you and her safe for us inshallah.

look after her for us when she comes over,

i love you both dearly, enjoy each others company, for a person like me who has no sisters i can honestly say your blessed :)

sammerai said...

Asalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

You commented on my blog a really long time ago, and I happened to stumble onto your blog and subhanAllah. May Allah reward you for what you're doing, ameen. Your insights and daily life in Egypt are an incredible resource for someone who is considering living there. Your post about the old man selling necklaces is almost enough to draw one there. =)


flowerlady said...

You make me soooo proud

I wish i was coming i need a break!!!!

I love and i miss ya

NM said...

Flower of choas....aww thanks sweetie, not sure what to say to that except i have lots of time here.

Whitey: yeah am blessed with so many siblings alhamdulilah and whitey you have US!

Look after her, it been the other way around since i was born, looking forward to the shoe being on my foot :)

love you too woman very much:)

NM said...

Sammerai egypt is an increadbily cool place i would recommend it to anyone.

flowerlady! you make me proud on a daily basis :) if you sell shams you can come, just don't tell your mum.

Firefly said...

NM, am really proud of you too. God bless you for doing what you do. I can't imagine what working in an orphanage would be like...a daily emotional rollercoaster.

Keep sharing with us, please.

Anonymous said...

My cousin volunteers in risala...the one just off King Faisal Street in Cairo. It is an amazing project...during ramadan they make up "ramadan bags" which they then go and hand out to in the poorest areas of Cairo.
may Allah bless their work and yijazeehom khairan jamee3an.

NM said...

Firefly: Thanks love. I suspect it will be a rollercoast already had my first brush with weepy,

Anonymous: I so wish i was here during Ramadan but then i also want to spend Ramadan with my family..ah well. A big AMEEN to that

The Rendezvous said...



NM said...

I want to ask who Bashir Goth is but i fear that might reveal my ignornace about somalia...

NM said...

Just read the article its entitled " islam is to blame for prizing white skin" Obviously the man is a dimwit! who is finding it intellectually challenging diciphering the difference between islam and arabs!

The Rendezvous said...

Nm, Bashir Goth is just among the so-called "Liberal" writers..I am not sure how liberal they are a "bunch" of "unique" muslims who are used to create "complications"
...mistranslation of the authentic Quraan and Hadeeth just like the way Ayaan Hirsi is currently doing..

So we agree Muslims have many things to improve towards being Good Muslims but to disagree on personal Islamic divine matters or making "funny" Islamic materials is what we will NEVER accept.

If you think, you need to get away from ISLAM..Do it and just leave ISLAM and Muslims to practice their religion in Peace...

Khadiijah said...
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Khadiijah said...
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Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

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