Sunday, March 11, 2007

General update

1) I just completed my level one exam and i got ...92% YAY alhamdulilah! Level two here i come then just 8more till fluency inshallah;)

2) I have descovered the Alex club and for 25 gunay (2.50 sterling) I can go horse riding. I think i should mention at am scared of horses, well riding them at least they are such powerful creatures, capable of neck breaking speed and there is always the possibility of getting trampled on but fear shouldn't be disabling so i have decided to over come it! ( last time i rode a horse for 20mins in luxor I spent the whole time reciting Ayatul-kursi i was so scared) wish me luck, i hope they have helmets and a bit of body armier would be reassuring too.

3) I have seen the error of my ways via a flat mates current sheer disregard for keeping her space clean. At home i used to leave my dish at the sink, leave my cups of tea where ever i was at the time i finished drinking it, bring my lundary down but never actually put them in the washing machine. Never cooked and would ask who ever was in the kitchen got me a plate of food! Now that i see someone else behaving like this am rather ashamed of my own past slobbiness and have vowed never to return to that state! I am suprised my mother didn't through me out!!

4) I have heard about a ma'had that teaches islamic course in english so am going to check it out this week and i have decided if they have a woman and islam course am going to enrol,
i can live up to my feminist way, woman aren't allowed in the masjid arghhh


md said...

salaam nemo!

horse riding eh?very nice!
you know the poor horses in egypt are are malnutritioned so please protest and only ride horses that actually look like they have been fed in the last week....

Firefly said...

1) Well done, you! Have a biscuit on me.

2) Horse-riding! Very posh and exotic, I must say.

3) LoL..I'm sure your mum will really appreciate the new you!

4) Really? Is it just some masjids that don't allow women or all? It can't be all, surely?

Aya said...

Enjoy the horse-riding. How much fun is that! Is the course being offered in the masjid itself or an institute nearby? It is odd to hear that women aren't allowed in the masjid.

white african said...

nm passed
hope it last's
sure it will
otherwise we will throw her over the hill

lol, congrats sis, excellent news, still waiting for that blog entry in arabic.

horse riding is brilliant, whats there to be scared of, some people eat horses so they cant be that scary.

your flat mate has left a spoon covered in kosharee under the pillow in your room.

the mosque thing, tell me about it nm (rolls eyes) men!!! i'm telling you if the prophet was around he wouldnt be impressed by that mentality.

please dont tell me that you came across a mosque that doesnt allow woman in egypt, please say its not true nooooooooo.

The Godfather said...

92%!!!! MashAllah; and I thought I was the only geek around...welcome to the club.

Ayatul-Kursi is TOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! There is no beating that verse.


Congrats on acing the exam! May level two be easier!

Horse-riding huh? I see you are following the sunnah, I think you should overcome the phobia and also go swimming, a bit of archery and then you will have fulfilled the sunnah!

Happy Birthday Homie!
I finally updated!

NM said...

MD i will not saddle a horse that doesn't looked loved :(

Firefly i have munched on several biscuit on you:)

Aya i really don't know much about the institute but i was refering to so-called masjids in the UK, Alhamdulilah never come across a masjid here in egypt that wasn't built for the ummah (the believing men and woman)!!

NM said...

Whitey:) i promise you a blog half in arabic when am able to inshallah.

GF,why shukran bro...although am not sure what the club entails:)
Ayat-kursi, utter bliss.

Native! praise be i was starting to think you had turned into MD or Newbie (dismal ladies)

Swimming! aww native am not so sure about that one i have an image of my near drowning permenantely imprinted on my brain.
the archery will come from scouts when i return inshallah :)

shukran sweeties

Rashida said...

Assalaam alaikum sister

Can you share where you found this club? We live in Cairo and my kids would love to ride horses.