Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mass exodus from Alexandria

How quickly things change, subhanallah sometimes it’s almost at breath taking speed. In the space of a week the following has happened

1)Amel my flat mates in getting married (yes to an Egyptian) from Cairo and is thus leaving us this Sunday!!

2) This morning as I came back from my class and walked into our building the mother of the family who I blogged about last time told me that her and the children are leaving today, out moving permanently. I give her my telephone number here and my number and address in the UK. She tried to shake my hand as a farewell (I was thinking .. er…no that’s not how we say salam) so I dragged her into a bear hug and we both parted looking a little tearful then I had to find the kids, its sooo SAD. I really loved that family they always greeted me with a genuine smile of affection and tried to converse with me in Arabic and the kids called my name as I walked in from class (probably because they new I had chocolate for them ..but still) they made me feel at home.

3)The British girls who I met at the school from Birmingham will be returning home this Saturday too!

Now the building will lose that homely feel and our flat with be colder (literally body heat is our only source of heating) and we won’t be able to go out in a big group or go around to the British lots flat for tea!

That’s it I really need to find an Egyptian family with NO sons, lots of daughters my age, who speak fusha and want to make a foreigner feel a little bit more at home now that practically everyone I now is deserting Alexandria.


Anonymous said...

Salaams NM,

Nevermind am sure u will find new set of acquitances in no time, besides u should have setlled for Cairo - mashalllah the number of brothers studying here from UK has increased.

P.S Which school u studying at and do they have a branch here in Cairo.

Ihsaan-the struggle said...

Asalaamu aleykum warahmatulaahi wabarakaatu sis...

You've made it this far, you’ll be fine insha'allah. Just remain focused on your ultimate goal and keep you actions and more importantly your intentions sincere, may Allah instill in you the necessary drive, commitment and capability to achieve the best of result, amiin

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, the girl came to study arabic and is no marrying and egptian and is moving to cairo.

Thats a lot of activity for a student its not her teacher is it

Naima said...

Deeh Nooh: settled for Cairo...erm i think not! they have smog for oxygen,more people then i have ever seen in the same place probably the same number of cars too. Its one big headache if your there for then a few days! I will take the sea view anytime, there is something magical about water

Its called Qortoba and yes they have a branch in cairo the alex branch is the new of the two only a couple of years old i think.


I echo Ihsaan.

Sis dont worry, its spring and with it comes changes. All part of your learning experience.

Making dua that u find the perfect Egyptian family that will make u feel at home, although not too comfortable....we want u back in suncity inshaAllah ;)

white african said...

in no time at all you will be making friends with the most random of people, come on nm, your ammazing like that mashallah

NM said...

Ihsaan shukran sweet! i will certainly keep that in mind inshallah.

Native and seriously planing on putting a strategy together for the acquisition of an egyptian family...i need some home cooked food :)

Whitey, some serious faith in my abilities there, i will try and live up 2 it!