Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First visitor

My first visitor is almost here in the shape of Shukri, she arrives on Wednesday and I am so excited, the first familiar face for almost a month. She lands In Cairo and I have taken Thursday of school so I can have a long weekend in Cairo with her. Inshallah if all goes this is the itinerary I have put together for her and I complete with a hired driver for the 2days and a half.

Pick her up from the airport and check into the hotel.

Thurday :
Salah a-Din’s Citadel followed by Ahmed Ibn Tulun masjid and
Sultan Hasan masjid as it’s around the corner, completing the day with the breathtaking
Azhar park, Pray maghrib and isha here before going back to the hotel.

Pyramids and Sphinx (part way by car then taking a camel or a horse the rest of the way, how nomadic..ahh). Then to Atab market, followed by Khan al-Khalili for a spot of shopping, Azhar masjid then Amr Ibn Aaas Masjid and the Nilometer.

I hear Ahzar university is open to the public on Saturday but if not we will just have to form a rapid friendship with an Ahzari student whom will smuggle us in, what can be more exciting then the highest seat of sunni learning…. Then its on a train to Alexandria. I am so excited i have an incredible burst of energy.

Note: she doesn't read blogger and its a suprise so no telling her ladies :)


Anonymous said...

U been there few weeks and u already passing urself off as a tour guide is it. In that case u can do an itinerary for moi as well since am Cairo bound next week.

Aya said...

Sounds like a blast! Khan-al-Khalili makes a girl who loves beads and local jewelry go nuts. Enjoy your long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Heey M.F.B how is egypt...

I think Shukri is gona have nice tour. sinc you are her tour guide though!

bay the Tomorrow the temperature will reach up 29d.

Especially the pyramids area since it is a desert .. so good luck.. and blessed friday!

Firefly said...

Sounds very well planned. Hope you have a good time with your friend, NM. Enjoy yourselves!

wasmaniac said...

Take care not to write anything bad about al-azhar...you might be jailed for "insulting islam" as kareem Amer found out the hard way...

NM said...

Dee Nooh, when i put my mind to something:) i see you're taking of and so you should. Let me know where you want to go and what you want to do and i will help as much as i can.

Aya isn't khan and experience...

Firefly, we certainly did alhmdulilah.

Wasamanic, i think Azhar masjid is a cool place :)