Monday, February 12, 2007

The washing saga

I had almost run out of clothes to wear so washing had become a dire need. The institute has a washing facility so I look a bag of clothes to my class. I had painfully looked through every label to make that I didn’t have any disaster so feeling very worldly I walked to my class.

The first snag is the works began after I loaded the washing machine. I had no idea how to work it, where were the instructions? So when my teacher came I asked her and she got one of the brothers to work it. It did occur to me that maybe I should explain the general content so we would know what type of cycle to use but I wasn’t prepared to have this discussion so I just let him go his merry way.

After my extended class of Arabic and Tajweed (Oh my goodness but is Tajweed Hard, I have been putting my tongue into crevices in my mouth it has never been before and discovering the sheer flexibility of my jaw. I was feeling mentally taxed by the end of the lesson and just wanted to grab my clothes and go home.

When I unloaded my clothes into my bag I realised just how HEAVY damp clothes are! My poor wrists as I was also carrying my text and exercise books too! So there I was struggling down the steps when I remembered I had to go and pay for it! Only to go to the office and discover what looked like the entire male staff of Qortoba in there! Damn!!

So I had to knock, walk in, deposit my great load, give Adil the money, grab my bags and heave them out of the office all the while praying that nothing embarrassing would fall out.
I left and started the walk home when for some known reason the man who’s number I asked for (previous blog of humiliation) was sat outside his shop with a bunch of his male friend! I had to endure the longer then usual walk as I was struggling to carry everything. It didn’t help that they were all looking as I walked past.

Only to then finally make in to the lift, after the door had whacked me, struggled into the flat, that door hit there me too. To finally walk towards the balcony to start hanging my smalls when in the middle of holding one very embarrassing item the man in the opposite building decided to come out and collect his dried clothes.

I was so embarrassed I just kept holding the item, When I was able to function again I practically ran back into the flat! I refuse to hang clothes out EVER during the day light! Oh man I am going to go and bury my head somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hey huny!!finally i am on your blog page and this calls for a celebration!! bin reading ur blog and man its funny but i expect u to continue having mini-adventures in egypt!
its soo cool, and jus wana say keep safe!!no partying or raving till 4am ok or ull be answering to me missy!plus its like 11.30 pm here and im missing u too much, ill keep ading to ur blog so keep cheking it and have fun!
luv u
beenish xx

Anonymous said...

hmm,, so when I cum to egypt Inshallah, YOU will actually play host??lol.. that will be a sight indeed:)
Plus I cud always giv you addtional tips as to how to be a completely perfect host, considering I have sooooo much experience wiv u my dear! beenish :)

Dee Nooh said...

U should emprace this so-called 'embrassing momements' more postivelly and use it ur advantage, how tat can be done don't ask moi.

calaa duuul yaa austeedh, hina calaa gambi -

NM said...

Hey Beenish Marhaba! Definately calls for a celebration. Play host, i always new i had it in me living at home masked so many of my skills ;)

looking forwrd to watering and dining you! My little flat is sooo comfortable alhamdulilah.Which is great because i might be spending a while in there now that i have so much to live down!

Dee nooh i read the first part of your comment and thought great advice....:(

LOL! hey ammiya Dee nooh. pick that up in egypt. Next time you really need to check out alex the sea is an incredible blue and its soooooo serene

white african said...

lol nm, dont worry bout it sis its all cool :) just pray that the lovley alexandra breeze doesnt take any of your laundrey to the shop owner now that would be hilarious, you can practice how to say 'umm can i have my ______ back please' in arabic.

NM said...

LOL!What a horrific possiblity Whitey trust you to come up with that.

I hear that things like that happen all the time and arn't actually at all embarrassing so am trying to behave like a local over it.

As long as i don't see that guys again am good inshallah