Sunday, February 11, 2007


Armed with my Egypt rough guide (courtesy of madcow) I went out with my flat mate to discover all the must sees in Alexandria. In particular the Bibliotheca Alexanderia, its an incredible building the guide describes it as a "A giant discus embedded in the ground at an angle, representing a second sun rising beside the Mediterranean…" Truly it’s a sight to be hold, it is the second biggest library in the world so I am told. If you love books and architecture it certainly is a must see. The only thing that marred the experience was the lack of prayer room, there goes the barka then

We went to Midan Tahrir which is erm…interesting! I did get some wool though and I have started a knitting evening in the flat especially as our TV has decided to take a vacation!

We also went to San Stefano which is basically an indoor mall with a cinema complex so Nads and I thought that as a testament to our new Egyptian way of life we should see a film. All was well until halfway through the film the screen blackened out! We were disgruntled at the disruption and waited patiently for someone to fix the problem. When people started making phone calls, streaming out of the room and the room was light we became really annoyed and on the verge of going to the reception area to ask for our money back when a couple leisurely strolled back in with popcorn.

I looked at them puzzlingly, they looked back puzzled so I was forced to ask what was going on they smiled and said it’s the BREAK! Boy did we laugh at ourselves, I had images of myself complaining in very very broken Arabic and being told to calm down its only a break!
Then around 12 when the film finished we left feeling Hungary and went to Mo’men (Egyptian fast food place).we got home at 2am ( No telling my mum and dad people) I have to say in my defence Egyptians don’t sleep till late so wondering around at 2am is akin to wondering around at 7pm.All in all a truly satisfying Saturday.

Oh and am starting Tajweed tomorrow which is going to be a killer my teacher has wanted to address my british accent since i started and now am giving her the opportunity to! She was rubbing her hand with glee when she was give my updated time table. I can foresee leaving with a headache, a jaw ache and general eye strain at the end of the lesson


flowerlady said...

Sara gonna grill up hahhaaa

white african said...

banana uh what happened to half in Arabic, tut tut tut, give me you teachers email i need some words with her :)

the bit about you having a british accent in your arabic cracked me up,becaus eits the smae with your somali bless aaaaaw

its ok it gives it its own style, i like it...


loool, its about time someone tackled that british accent of yours...good on your ustadha. However I can't help thinking that if she gets rid of it we wont have much to laugh about when it comes to you speaking somali or arabic 4 that matter......oh well, somethings gotta give right?

Newbie! said...

i say keep the brit accent.

and every time your teacher points it out, just replace 'black' with 'brit' and in a very james brown kinda way, jump around and shout....


NM said...

Flowerlady! you don't know how much pain that woman can inflict in and hour and a half. My poor mouth.

Whitey: come on! half in arabic my foot i wouldn't be able to blog for at least a few months.

Native: don't worry i have a feeling am going to come back with some sort of an accent for you to all mock :)

Newbie: My Ustadha will probably just increase my lessons!