Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Guest Part 2

Well well! I knew that something was odd about the amount of energy that went into welcoming "a friend and her children" someone forgot to mention that one of her children is a 20 something Egyptian male who is clearly besotted with my youngest flat mate. The glances her way, the sheer number of times he said her name, the way he insisted on talking to her in Arabic so that hers would improve..hmm!

Half away through dinner it dawned on me that our little flat was the setting for something straight out of pride and prejudice Egyptian style. When I finally got her into the kitchen on her own I asked her "so when is the wedding" teasingly. She giggled in the sweetest way and said, You’re so blunt, I will tell you about it all tonight.

His mother is also openly trying to set up the Amel with one of her husband’s friends, once again with an egptian. My goodness, before long I might be the only Somali female in the flat who hasn’t fallen for an Egyptian. I am seriously starting to think there might be something to this infamous Egyptian charm..


Ever The Idealist said...

Realy love, avoid it the best way you can. Refer back to all the advice given to you before you left. It would be so funny tho if you came back with an Egyptian in tow...LOL!!!

Newbie! said...

do it naima....do it! mwahahahah!

finally managed to read all your egyptian blog! i have to say, i loved this line -

''I was hoping to God that waving ones hand in Egypt meant “give me a minute am just exercising my right hand and it would be rude to do it on the train''

lol, that is so our sense of humour right there. good to see you are carrying it on!

im so happy for you, you worked so hard to get where you are now. the arabic sounds like its going well, mashaallah. cant wait for you to get back and teach me!
miss you beautiful, i really do!
iv finally finished the evil essay, 1400 words over the wordlimit but managed to reduce that to 600 words! Im going to send it to you to prove that i do work! but lets not ask about the dissertation....
its going to snow here tomorrow! yay!

miss you again hubby dearest, and i forgive you for deserting me ;-)

till the next blog, inshaallah xxx

Aya said...

20 YEAR OLD!! Tut, tut, indeed. Egypt is probably the only country I had visit where men and women alike have someone they'd like you to marry. Strange (and very friendly) people.

NM said...

LOL! ETI Its not me just both of my flat mate :) its was so amusing but now poor loves am starting to think its distracting them from the true purpose of their visit, to LEARN ARABIC!

Newbie...see i said i would keep you all updated even if the egyptian connection will not allow me to post pictures...truely a shame!!!

Aya walahi that is soooo true, everyone knows someone who would be perfect for you! Its rather amusing when you get past the fact that noone seems to understand am ONLY here to study arabic but thank you :)

NM said...

LOL! Newbie glad that EVIL essay is out of the way! trust you to choose something so supernatural and freekish.

The dissertation hmmmmmm!!!!


The infamous Egyptian charm huh.

That will be the day....when you come back with an Egyptian fella in tow :D