Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A True Swot

I have just come out of my sixth lesson with a massive smile on my face, a spring in my step and huge dose of utter elation. Why? Well I have self actualised to my true geeky nature (spectacles and mismatched clothes included).

I have been seriously swotting at home, I get enough homework to keep me sat at the desk for hours anyway but I have been making flash cards, yellow for noun, pink for verbs and green for adjective. I have turned them into card games and I have been playing with them. (lol, they have been providing me with hours of joy)

Nads is being sucked into to my word games too but Amel stays elusive as she is too advance.

Anyho today in my lesson, I excelled and I wasn’t shying away from using all i had learnt, Ustadha Sara is a woman who likes to challenge me and I rose to the challenge, I got every single one of my pre-lesson tests right including constructing some sentences which had her in hysterics for half of the lessons all correct too I might add.

Ahhhhhhhh I feel so satisfied alhamdulilah! I am enjoying being reacquainted with this goal driven Naima, the poor love was dormant and searching for a goal for awhile but then something clicked into place and of she went.

(My teacher is fascinated by his fact that I sometime talk about myself in the third person, am sure lots of people does it)


NM said...

I would like to also add that on the same day i actually cooked ( my first to date) it was a partially pakistani,partially somali biryani thanks to my mother and dr beenish!

i was sooooo proud then rice actually looked like rice and it tasted might fine even if i got a little too happy with the chilly:)

Ever The Idealist said...

Congratualations on both accounts hon. We always knew you were a geek minus the glasses!! You enjoying your lessons? Has it stoped raining yet?

flowerlady said...

geekdom here we come.

Geek nerd and anorak we proud and loud about it

Ya Khattat said...

Asalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu somali walashy a la Egypt!

Kief halaak?

Man I just read your entire blog for Fevrier and MashAllah sounds like you have already established a lifetime worth of memoriest hat sound so idyllic Imn beginning to wonder is they're true!

Sunset walks by the beach, you'r e regular at a food place, manned by an Eygptian "ammo" who gives you 'nuff salam and dua everytime you meet and part, you got two somali roommates, you love your teacher and she loves you.

SubhanAllah I still remember you coming back from NTL and check you out now.

Heart smiled when reading you're stories. Plus, I told you you were gonna get married over there. You're mind has already been seduced by the Egyptian race, now all thats left is for one to chat you up and it's a done deal yo!

Anyways, MashAllah Im so happy for you...you're where you wanna be, and after reading one of your posts, I kinda wish I'd just told you to "go and enjoy yourself," instead of bringing on the big moma "ooh chil', you teyk kurh nah yer heur!"

Anyways, my reply has become a blog in itself so Im gonna leave you to have fun . . .


Ya Khattat

weary tribal nomad said...

noma!!!! im still having withdrawl symptoms about you not being here...ok that may sound slightly psychotic, but who cares!! wow the world still continues to go on, wow im living a crazy life, i got stalked twice yday, i felt like i was in a denzel washington film on both occasions, but denzel was missing, and im thinking of doing some acting, oh noma i cant tell you how much i miss that face you do, because that wouldnt be cool...you know haha!! ok well inshaAllah tc of yourself my sweet masalaamah!!

Aya said...

Big congrats to you, sweets! Arabic is a helluva of a difficult language but I can't imagine a dialect better than Egyptian that I would enjoy. I think you'll be fluent before the end of the 6 months!

NM said...

ETI: Was it always soooo obvious?

Flowerlady: Yay!! am so glad you have found your way on to my blog i miss your little self.

Ya Khattat: LOL!

"Sunset walks by the beach, you'r e regular at a food place, manned by an Eygptian "ammo" who gives you 'nuff salam and dua everytime you meet and part, you got two somali roommates, you love your teacher and she loves you."

Sigh...sigh Alhamdulilah i couldn't have asked for better.

I feel that i have to categorically state once again that am not coming back married to an egptian and now that the challenge has been set i wouldnt just to prove you all wrong mwaha :)

Your advice was excellent mashallah and we all knew i was going to chill regardless :)

NM said...

Weary: Tell me about it, it feels odd not having your crazy little self around! but alas its temporary:)

Who is stalking you? Do they have a death wish? Surely they know you will dive on him (am guessing its a him) and beat him tell he is black and blue?!

Aya : aww thanks sweetie it warms my heart to read this,

"I think you'll be fluent before the end of the 6 months!"

white african said...

nmmmmmmmmmmm were missing you loads sis.

glad your enjoying egypt, new you would mashallah. and an applause for the cooking, i gotta say egypt is good for you mashallah.

next blog half of it has got to be in arabic now thats a challange


Half of it in arabic? loool

Nemo...missin you loads and loads. I miss you makin fun of my incoherent sense of speech.

I always knew you were a swot :D Continue like this I am sure by the time you come back you will be conversing in arabic inshaAllah.

Ever The Idealist said...

Do you recon you might make the faces that Native does when she speaks Arabic?
I would love to see talking in Arabic with WA or MD or anyone for that matter...

NM said...

Whitey and Native its great to finally see your names up! Whitey my teacher when looking through my photos (thanks md and newbie) thought you were a revert...ha...ha its nice to know am not the only one people can't work out her race!

half arabic? you guys.

Native i read your blogged and almost had to rub my eyes because you update! yay

i am missing you all and Alex is unnaturally cold so am told.

NM said...

ETI am going to try not to :) not but native keep doing it, it gives me so much joy!

white african said...

revert you say, im not surprised, see my and you nm are in a league of our own, no one knows what race we are whoooooo

NM said...

It does mean we can pretend to be all sorts of combination where ever we may go :) oh the possibilities