Sunday, February 11, 2007


Today i learnt the word for numers (raqam and mobile) then Sara asked me to put it into a sentence so i came up can i have your mobile number in arabic. The phrase stuck in my head for some unknown reason.

I left the lesson went to our corner shop to grab some essentials i though i would put my broken arabic into use, so i asked for milk, chocolate and bread, i wanted to ask who many pieces of bread there where in the pack so i tried to construct a sentence with the word for number in.

He looked at me confused and i looked at him thinking, yeah how many pieces dude till it dawned on me! I just asked for him mobile number TWICE I am sooooo embarrassed I tried to explain but he just kept smiling .

So i am sat here in the internet cafe absolutely red faced i don't now why i just didn't go home, my first reaction was to do a u-turn taking me back to the internet cafe! Now i have to walk past his shop again. Knowing my luck i will probably trip right outside his shop and break an ankle or something


white african said...

you just made me laugh out loud sis, bless you nm.

thats really funny, im sure he was completly exstatic and now you will have a permenant admirer in egypt ha ha ha.

i so cant belive you did that lol.

you know what the next sentance should be, you know the one, i taught you it before you left ahem..


loool imagine if you actually said that NM....'could I have your mobile number and a kiss' loool now that would be hard to live down

You Naimasims never ceases to entertain me. A laugh out loud moment for defo looooool
Thank you!

The Godfather said...

Ahem, ahem.....well now Naima, that was awfully bold of you.

WA, are you teachin the Srs stuff they shouldn't be learning?

white african said...

godfather would i ever (shocked look on face)

The Godfather said...

Of course you wouldn't. What was I thinking?!?!?! Forgive me, for I thought ill of you. (YEAH RIGHT!!!!!)

Newbie! said...

hahahahahahahah! oh lord, hahahahahaha!

nuff said. :-)

Aya said...

Lol, poor you. I wouldn't worry so much, a language novice is allowed a mistake or two. So long, of course, as you don't comment on the size of his nose or cuss his mom out, you should be fine.

NM said...

Poor me indeed! I am going to be speaking very slowly from now on!

fudgebumpkin said...

lol!! phone number indeed!

NM said...

Fudge it was mortifying!