Monday, April 10, 2006


I had an odd nights sleep, it involved waking up 3times after falling asleep.
2 were a must the other however was not welcomed at all. I woke up at 2.30ish
With a stomach ache, I was freezing and had a full bladder (Stupid coke!!!)

Then despite telling MD and Hayak that I would wake them up if I got up for Tahajjud
I groggily rolled out of bed around 4am, made wudu and went to pray Tahajjud and fajr forgetting about my promise to wake them up.

I finally remembered my friends after I prayed and text them apologies (I hope am forgiven). This reminds me of the time when I made plans to meet up with Big AD on Friday and once again forgot about her and went to Jummah with MD.

Only to find the Khutba being delivered my Imam Sohaib Webb, Big AD was not amused as she missed Jummah because she was trying to get a hold of me and to add insult to injury Imam SW was there!!

I hope these incidents are not a vision of the future, is rather disconcerting that I keep forgetting my friends as I worship…..

May I take this opportunity to apologise for my lateness and forgetfulness, neither of which I want to keep but they seem to be my constant companions.

Help!!! (But first shower me with a few words of forgiveness)


Anonymous said...


What a tale!

MashAllah the life of NM is never without excitement and adventure!

May Allah forgive your lateness and forgetfulness InshAllah. Ameen.

And May Allah Tallah also guide you to how to put this mish mash of crazyness into some form of communicative rationale, so that you might understand what the underlying messgae is behind all of these events...over the past few life.

"uuuum huuum" (a rapturous hum of agreement in the form of um hums "that's right.")

Anonymous said...
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