Monday, April 24, 2006

Street Smart

If you’re going to visit native female at home then you should be warned, especially if you are a female under 50 and you are planning on walking there!

To keep this short and informative rather then factual lets just say that you are likely to be solicited at least 4 times by a variety of arm…brothers (loosely using the term to encompass humanity).

We don’t need to discuss these 4 different scenarios, lets just say these brothers are persistent, are indiscriminative ( refer to my under 50 comment) and will use a variety of techniques and lines that are designed to charm but only succeed in making me feel rather uncomfortable and I hate to admit rather vulnerable.

I am reliably informed that the best way to avoid this is to:
1) Not make direct eye contact for more then 5seconds
2) No friendly smiles
3) look purposeful and alert
4) Walk in a group
5) If you’re vocal and the other 4 tactics don’t work

Native female says to say

‘Yo, I ain’t down with that’

The brothers will walk away with a new found respect for you!


Anonymous said...

how do YOU get yourself into these situations? LOl

NM said...

I have no idea! walahi sometimes it would be nice to pass a normal day.