Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Practice listening to your inner voice and feelings about certain things. You are more than your measurable qualities, as you have a larger part of you that is far more valuable, although it isn't as quantifiable.

It is this qualitative part of you that holds your compassion, your spirit, your heart, and your instinct. It is up to you to allow yourself to experience yourself in anothers presence. If something feels wrong, it most likely is. This is not something that is easily explainable to others, but is nonetheless valid.

In order for you to begin to be able to act based on a collaborative between your mind and your heart, you first need to recognise the voice of your instinct and validate it such that your decisions are not out of anxiety, but instead out of valid reasons; some of which you can explain and others that you can't.

Everyone has an instinct, but sometimes more educated individuals have a very hard time validating it and listening to it, let alone even daring to act based on it. We have this belief that if it is not empirical, scientific, and provable, then it is not valid; however, experience teaches us otherwise.

While our minds know a lot, our hearts know even more, and there is a breadth of knowledge that you can access if you allow yourself to open up to it.


Black Rose said...

Throughout my 21yrs in this world one thing has served me right is the inner voice within. It has forewarned me about dangers and served as my source of light, helping me stumble less blindly across this world. Our minds tend to find reasons behind things that cannot be explained (often clouding our judgement in the process) while our hearts stays true to us without worrying about this or that!

Anonymous said...

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NM said...

salam Mirza

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