Sunday, April 09, 2006

Come back

I am feeling stuck in a rot

I have had 2 very very long weeks, I seem to have had every day filled with something or the other and physically the running is helping but mentally am feeling slow, lethargic and in serious need of something to break this cycle of over commitment!

And now that my roomie (my sister has deserted me and gone to turkey with most of our friends) am behaving like a lost soul and watching a never ending list of DVD’s and reading books I have already read at night in exchange for the conversation Mona lisa used to share with me which in the beginning I must admit used to arose violence within me but in time became a ritualistic part of my winding down.

Muna,.. mona…Queen nafatiti (you know how you earned each of these names ) I am missing your messy ways, your cute infectious laugh, the way i embarrass you in public, our arguments about who moans more, the way you demand head massages, your tiny hands and your energy peaks at 10pm, your stories of the bank and Mr B lull me to sleep!

how i love thee

I hope this is how you feel when I go on my work trips!!

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NM said...

Its official i need to share!! There is no point denying it, i am officially accustomed, that single room by sea side in Alexandria will have to become twin share now. i am dependent on a roomie for eveeeeerrrrrr Its my parents fault for having 7kids :)