Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sigh Sigh

I am back from Bosnia feeling very diseased but to be honest I went there feeling rather diseased anyway. Never be fooled by a toddler (especially if you have prior knowledge that they have the flu) when they cuddle up against you the day before you leave for foreign shores, push them away, shove them away!! Unless someone is watching (i.e. their parents) in which case you should extract them from your lap and leave while you are still uninfected!!

Did I do any of that NO; my niece is just too cute! And because I am and was so diseased while in Bosnia I don’t think I can do the experience justice. So as soon as I leave my sick bed and I get a hold of the pictures that my boss took I will post them and let them do the talking.

I can however write (while the drugs are still in my system) that Bosnia is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth that I have ever seen, and most likely ever will. The people are the most welcoming and warmest of those I have ever met!

Basically I am moving (at least for a month or so to Zenica to live amongest my new found friends)!

Oh and friends if your able to, swing by my house I will be the one in my pyjama’s being fed lots of chicken soup and grapes ( my mum’s remedy) bring chocolate and DVD’s or even better something to read!!!

I am going to crawl back into bed now! Inshallah sickness is a purifier…better now then later right.



aaaawwwww maskeena :(
is it dat killah cold......if so am feelin 4 ya sis!
May Allah grant u good health soon....ameen
Myt drop by wiv sum dvd's.....will let u knw inshAllah

Diagnosis: Common cold
Prognosis: U r probably feelin tired, irritable wiv body aches and a runny nose with a cough, u miht also develop sore throat an lose voice temporarily
Plenty of rest & drink plenty of water works wonders. Takin sum painkillahs relieves the pain but increase recovery period.....lool

enuff...enuff....sorry dats my other self (got multiple persnalities goin

ciao bella

MD said...

was that curly sue there white african?
NM, serioulsy you go to bosnia, tell me i can't go in the summer and then decide to blog about your illness rather than giving us a detailed account of your trip?
by the by if you go round wit dvd's whitey let me know...kay?
fo' shizzle

fudgebumpkin said...

How are you doing this, Naima? How come your parents are letting you gallivant around all the world?

I'm so jealous.

NM said...

i dont know, am not going to question it!! alhamdulilah