Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alderley Edge

This Friday’s expedition was to the Alderley Edge in Cheshire, this week Hayak and I were joined by Sarah and MD. We brought tickets from Piccadilly train station and because it wasn’t displaying the next train time we went to ask, the guy at the help desk informed us that the line was closed till November!!!

After Md’s face fell he carried on to tell us that there was a train to Stockport and then a connecting bus to alderley edge!! So we jumped on the train to Stockport, nearly missing the stop because I was charging my phone. When Hayak realises she is not dressed for the occasion as she had a job interview and the heels just wouldn’t do up a cliff.

We went into the centre and brought some shoes, food and Md’s and Sarah brought out a charity shop, something about THE denim skirt, we effectively missed the first bus but just made it on the second one…phew!!

We sit and I dug out some doughnuts from my bag when MD looking panic stricken turns to us and says she really wants to go swimming and if she comes to the edge she will miss it… We tried to encourage her to stay but she swiftly decided to get off and made her way back to Manchester.....bizzare behaviour

So we lost one person to unforeseen circumstance but we the 3 remaining pioneers continued onwards and finally made it to Alderley edge, stopped of at a nice charity shop and starting chatting with the elderly lady behind the counter. Since when did charity shop bags cost £150? Its safe to say none of us could afford to buy anything so we left after the chat and directions.

We walked leisurely for about 20 minutes on the route the gentle looking lady had chosen for us only for Hayak to start questioning why the route wasn’t becoming steeper the further we went; we saw a lone man and he re-directed us

The 20min walk took us 3 about 45minutes but the views and the peace and contentment while we sat on the edge was amazing. Shortly after Hayak preyed on the edge it started raining and we sat on the cliff edge and made Du’a it was beautiful!! Definitely the highlight of the trip oh and we got lost on the way down… we had our own Blair witch project moment when we where lost in the woods and we couldn’t find the path down while the rain poured Subhanallah


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, how come you never take me?

Hussein by the way

NM said...

ohhh this is a surprise, ello by lil bro ( at least am hoping your my lil bro)

the answer to that is quite simple your at school kiddo!

but when you finish i have big plans for you so don't fret you have to do me a favour thou...leave your newly developed moody, I barely talk unless spoken to teenage phase pls.

and just in case your friends are reading ( i hope not) i love you mmwah ;)

hayak said...

Alderley Edge is beautiful and everything about that day we went to visit the place was great-the charity shop, the sneaking into the loos and making a dramitic run for it bit (you had to be there-very funny!), the getting lost bit, the feeding the goat bit(the goat took a fancy to our friend), seeing lots of rabbits run across the field, the clean air, the walk etc and finally the edge.

This friday-who knows where we will be, but please feel free to make suggestions.

NM said...

I forgot about the toilets, that were hilarious; i had the mission impossible theme tune in my head!

AD has insisted that we go to Buxton next week as she is free so for this week...hmm... dig out your northwest book, maybe the Yorkshire dales?

Or we could just go to the train station and choose from the board, always wanted to do that.

Oh the beauty of spontaneity, i wonder who shall join us.