Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Car 4da crew fund

I Want you all to join me in coercing Evertheidealist to get her car fixed, or we should start a “ car 4 da crew” fund or something, I swear Evertheidealist may Allah reward her for the abundant lifts and car journey that she gave me and the rest of you! I didn’t realise how much I took you for granted and my only show of appreciation was a “Jazakallah Khayr as I existed the car, more often then not banging your car door shut or the beautiful way everyone came to accept that if I was going to be in the car the passenger seat was reserved for me ( how we arrived at this I can’t remember but It was BEAUTIFUL)

I have had so many weird and precarious taxi journeys ever since Evertheidealist’s blessed car failed (on one occasion with me MD and Evertheidealist, at 12am under a bridge, obviously our respective parents never found out!)

The strangest taxi ride was a couple of night ago when I was returning from a day out with the girls, we stood at Piccadilly bus station and as usual my bus was running every half hour while the 86 runs every other 5 minutes or so (am bitter I know UGH). So instead of leaving me by my lonesome we decided Evertheidealist would give me a lift back if I caught the bus with everyone using her mum’s car. When we got there her mum wasn’t there and the only option was to take a taxi.

It turned out that neither of us had any cash so at about 10pm we had to walk down to the cash machine and then Evertheidealist flat, MD and JUG were already there. We got there, called a taxi and it came within 5 minutes or so and it looked like I would get home in about 15 minutes and the day would come to a happy conclusion.

I got in to the taxi with a rather non- too friendly looking man who was sporting an over grown goatee. The taxi looked like my stereotypical image of a bachelor’s pad, all black leather and full of gadgets.

I thought I should make conversation and asked what the name of the song he had playing was, he asked if I wanted to listen to it “real loud” I wanted to say no but thought it was best to keep the overgrown man sweet so I said “okay then”.

The car came to life; lights of different colours were switched on, a disco ball descended from the roof of the car! The song was playing so loud my seat was vibrating and I was just sat there speechless, Walahi it was like being in a 70’s disco but in a taxi!! He was driving and bopping his head from side to side and his driving I must admit was a course for concern ( worst then lady wildcats which says a LOT!!!!!) while his taste in music assaulted my poor ears and the thudding of his speakers made my pulse race!! Has any body else been in this taxi I really want it verified it was sooo sureal and so cool. It was definately the most interesting taxi journey i have ever taken.


lostkitty said...

Loool! I wanna be in this taxi - sounds interestign to say the least!
Between u and Sm, I reckon u have met most of the weirdos in the world! lol

MD said...

i remember how you got the passenger's clear as PUSHED me out of it!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you manage that? all my taxi rides have forever been boringly ordinary! Anon

Ever The Idealist said...

i knew you lot would miss my car eventualy! it's only taken like a YEAR tho. don't you worry my sweet - the car will be fixed and good as knew asap! you do meet lots of weird people tho. do you think it's like been drawn to like?


ok...4real NM I wanna ride in this cab. But I'll kindly ask to put my own music and then proceed to holla out the window at random people. Why? Coz I know I can do what I wanna do!

I love psyching up random people, like when I went to Claire's (with friends) and asked if I could purchase the T-Shirt with 'SALE' written on it that the dummy was wearing? The sales assistant tried to explain to me to me they weren't for sale. U should have seen her face....hehehe

Ok I think I just totally went off in my own bubble.....

NM said...

Oh my GOD!! I have just seen this!! Praise be to the almightly!! am going to find a space somewhere in the office and drop 2 for Allah (rakats that is)

Yay!! Alhamdulilah

Ever The Idealist said...

yeah it took you long enough to miss it and appriciate me! i am dropping 2, 4 and 6 even for allah. i also missed my driving!

NM said...

i did offer to contribut to the bike fund or was it buying a tent to cover the bike..hmm..

Lady_WildKat said...

hey wat am i? mashed potatoe? i give u lifts after usrah! and if im not working and u needed it you know i'd give them to ya!

just a suggestion tho, something that u all have missed. why the hell dont u take drivin lessons?

yes its costly, but its a worthwile skill. you my not need to buy a car if u passs inshaAllah but if a friend/family/stranger is stuck you get so much rewad from helping them out for the sake of Allah.

sort yourself out, else i'll do it for ya.....scared? so u should be!

NM said...

You forget to mention your driving is terrifying:)but i dooooo love the thril :)

Sort me out!! LW, I have had every intention of getting around it since i turned 17, i need some1 to march me across to the post office, force me to fill it out and then send it off!