Monday, May 22, 2006

Freedom for Palestine

Unless you watch Al-Jazeerah you will probably have missed the coverage of the freedom for palestine demonstration which culminated at Trafalgar square this Saturday, The atmosphere was fantastic and it’s great to hear speakers who have not sold their humanity for power and prestige.

The highlight other then finally seeing Tahnia!! Was when the speakers announced the presence of “Jews against Zionism” who and wait for this.... who because it was the Sabbath and they couldn’t use transport had walked for 5HOURS to get to Trafalgar square and faced a similarly lengthy walk back! WOW

Also If you text “PAL” to 84858 and you will donate £3 to interpal which will be used to feed a Palestine family for a week! Text away

On a lighter note.......I unfortunately had to use the toilet on the coach ( not pleasant), Mona Lisa and White African where sat behind me and when I came out White African ran after and pulled on my skirt?!!! I turned around to find Mona Lisa sat, clutching her middle and laughing insanely while White African stood behind me laughing just an insanely, when I could finally get her to speak it turns out that i walked out of the toilet with my skirt tugged in my fitted trekking jeans (Opps)

No one notice because of White African’s speedy Gonzales reflexes. A heart felt thanks Sis that would have been terribly embarrassing on a mixed coach!!


lostkitty said...

Hahaa! Wasnt this very scenario predicted before u got on the coach? :)

NM said...

Yes but it wasn't supposed to happen!!! thank god for WA..phew

It was fantastic seeing you women!!

white african said...

lol,any time dudette, it was amusing though, one thing i gotta say is its a good thing u where wearing those jeans, coul dyou imagine if you wasnt, my god, it would have been tucked into your knickers lol,

NM said...

Oh God, i would have to leave the country... i am forever going to wear trousers under everything


Wish I was there coz right now am laughin may a** off!
Maskeena.......I can feel it NM...but what a laugh

md said...

they walked for 5 hours.....subhanallah
now i am truly ashamed, i dindnt even go to work in the end!!!!

NM said...

MD!! tut tut..and on this occassion you really should be..but inshallah you can make it up with the big manchester demonstration in sept ( i think..)

fudgebumpkin said...

You were there???

I was there too!

Actually, I was showing a business client to the National Art Gallery, and just passed it. But still - I was there too!

NM said...

Lol! fudge am not sure if that counts but, will forgive you. It was fantastic would have been nice to see you thou..starting to forget what you look like :)

Lady_WildKat said...

one love, one life, one ummah!

rock on ladies!

NM said...

i feel a song coming was it

Anonymous said...

Heres some pictures

NM said...

Thank you anonymous!!! am really touched! Yay!! i have just seen this!!

ppl if you got to the 5/6 picture down you can see all of us!!