Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was speaking to a friend from high school last night and we were reminiscing about all the things we got up to while at school, it was hilarious recalling some of the things we did!

She asked me what the most embarrassing thing that happened to me was. It was difficult to answer I have a never ending list of incidents that I just seem to find myself in the middle off.

But one stands out clearly

When I was 16 I went to the Emirates with my sister and her children, it was a lovely trip mashallah except for Dubai ( so artificial) anyway, my sisters best friend while at university was a distant cousin from Abu Dhabi and she sent her brother to pick us up.

My mother was going through a bit of a phase were she wanted me to dress “like a young women” at the same time I was going through a bit of a skater look, baggy trousers, trainers etc am sure you can imagine.

So that day for some peace I wear a long skirt to the airport. Big mistake, I couldn’t walk with it on and kept hoisting it up so I wouldn’t trip, which I did anyway twice once going through the metal detector and once while boarding, I didn’t hurt myself alhamdulilah but my eldest niece was mortified and I remember clearly her asking me

“Auntie why can’t you walk properly” The last thing you need to hear from an 8 year old , but anyway the series of embarrassments don’t end there.

When Rahma’s brother arrived my sister started seating her children ( talk about neglect) I was left to fend for myself, okay I know it only involved seating myself but no one told me they drove on the wrong side!!!

The 4x4 had a high step so I tried to preserve some modesty with the ridiculously long tent of a skirt I was wearing. While clutching my skirt with one hand I opened the door with the other and hoisted myself up. I knew something was wrong when the seat felt like a leg! So I looked up and my nose pressed against the brother’s cheek! I was mortified, i was sat on a guy i had just met!

I jumped off the seat and walked around and sat on the passengers SEAT. Then I had to endure an hour plus journey in which only God know what the brother was thinking.

I had to explain to Rahma what happened and begged her to explain that I wasn’t some weirdo with loose morals, but just misfortunate


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! how did you live with this?

Lady_WildKat said...

smelly pants, only u, sigh, sigh......

talk about desperate measures? and u were what only 16, girl u is baaaaaaaaaad! lol

and about high school i remember scrawny, skinny NM, all legs no co-ordinatin always banging into walls and corners as u went by- ok that may have been to do with me giving u a gentle push, lol

and u still aint chaanged nearly 12 years on and ur still banging into things.....PEOPLE!

well at least this blog aitn ur usual psycho babble, god help us all if u ever start on that one, i'm gna get my work ear defenders out, put em on under my hijab, u'll never knwo, i'll nod and disagree everyso often and u as usual will carry on your 5 sided conversation with u and you other personalities,! lol

chat laters, and why dnt u write on my blog?

rightio back to work!


Salam girl! NM......how do u get yourself in this unfortunate situation......looooool. However I have 2 say it is rather refreshing to see some1 who has done as much embarrassing things as me......maybe more ;)
Did i tell you about the time I tripped and landed on.......on 2nd thoughts I think I should keep this incident 2 myself!

Keep making me feel less wierd! ;)
Luv ya! ......lool

white african said...

looooooool, oh my god i was not expecting that ending, walahi i thought u where gonna say something like i fell an landed with my skirt over my head and ever1 could see my lov ehart knickers, i swear im still laughing, i could so imagine it, i bet he was like 'this is british up bringing blah blah blah' looool, may allah always keep you here for us nm

NM said...

ameen to that white african and the same for you all i can't imagine manchester without my crazy sisters. Life would just not be as fun....

I swear I was so mortified and all I could think about was the shame I had brought upon all of us Muslim Brits. Because lets face it Muslims abroad think we are a bit loose. When I went to Somalia my auntie asked me if I wore short skirts in Manchester… which royally bleeped me off till I saw the funny side and pointed out that her brother was my dad that but a stop to her wondering mind. But honestly!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I had embarrassing moments in my life!!
Let me share with you something that happened during a philosophy class while I was in high school. Nothing embarrassing happened, but still makes me laugh when I remember the situation.
Our philosophy teacher was (and probably still is) a very strange man. He used to always walk with his head down, and roll his eyes as far up as he could whenever he wanted to look straight ahead. He didn’t speak much either, but whenever he did, he paused after.every.single.word.he.said. Can you imagine how irritated people that tried to speak to him used to get?! Not that many people talked to him. Anyway, that’s enough about Carmelo. The way he delivered his lessons: he would come into the class, shout ‘Silence!’ once, sit down on his chair and start dictating from a book. He certainly knew how to make learning about Kant, Marx, Habermas, Descartes and all this guys interesting. I used to sit at the front of the class and take notes during my first two years, after that, I gave up. During my third year I started sitting at the back with the ‘lazy ones’. We used to build barricades of books in front of us and spend our time doing anything but listening to him.
Let me get to the point of my story now , during a lesson, one of my friends stood up and went behind Carmelo while he was dictating. Carmelo wasn’t as stupid as not to notice that Alex went behind him, but he probably assumed he was sharpening a pen or something. Then, we saw him pour some petrol in the space where chalks are kept below the blackboard, after which he took a lighter out and lit it! Within seconds the whole board was ablaze. We found it funny and started giggling, Carmelo realised something was up (but never turned around) and said while smiling ‘Is Mr Alex doing something funny behind me?’. At that, Alex sat down, and luckily the petrol burnt down soon after. Nothing serious happened to the board :).

NM said...

My god this Alex is an arsonist in the making... or a really cool prankster?!

that must have been such a surreal situation,your lecture sounds like such a weird.. i think i like him :)

Asia u need a nickname sweety...got any ideas

fudgebumpkin said...

That would be so mortifying! I would DIE if that happened to me!

It teaches one to watch where one is stepping, if nothing else!

Oh, and to wear trousers all the time.

NM said...

i guess you just have to learn to laugh these things off! what else can you do.

definately agree about with trousers and travelling i have never made that mistake again.

flowerlady said...

Ppl ppl
I avoid anything that would make me feel embrassed. The only really big thing is and i will mention on word "donkey".And that was as WA would say KadarAllah

Ever The Idealist said...

only you sweet! i would like it if it were true but just this day i ended up kneeing a guy in the groin without meaning to. He just looked at me and WALKED OFF!!!!! I pray that these things stop happening to us

MD said...

la hauwla wa la quwata ila billah!
Such a nemo thing to do except he isn't a MUSLIM GIRL who shouldn't sit on MENS laps!
Who is this Alex fellow? he sounds hilarious!honestly...i wanna meet him. he is my hero...i mean the dude lit up the board while the teacher was IN the room. but then again i wanna meet the teacher.

lostkitty said...

Loooooooooooooooooooool!Girl I knew there was a reason I loved u! This sure gave me a good laugh and boy, I needed one. SO may Allah reward u for the smile on my face and the laughter in my heart!
May Allah also save me from EVER making such a mistake!
Although, U and I both know.... I am similarly cursed...

NM said...

jazakallah khayr T. i am glad it made your day, cos this has taken me awhile to live down.

Edward Ott said...

LOL Now that is a funny story.