Tuesday, May 16, 2006

working 9 to 5

I have been wondering how people work full time for 5 days and still manage to have a life, I only work 3days and yet I have to make appointments to see people. Mon, Tues and Wed are spent firmly at work and by the time I get home at 6.30 I just want to unwind and watch something passively or read, spend time chating with my sisters and little brother ( although I think we have officially hit the teenage phase as he only talks in grunts now ).

Thursday is the beginning of my weekend and I spend the day lazing about and being with my mum and dad. Friday is jummah then I usually go out with those who have made it to jummah, Saturday, I catch up with my nieces and the rest of my friends, Sunday is full with Arabic and usrah then the working week starts again!!

Where does all the time go?! And worse if am such a scatterbrain now how will I cope with working Monday to Friday…..



hey, you will adapt and cope don't worry about it. You will just have less time lazing around and catching up with people. :)

fudgebumpkin said...

Trust me, working 9-5 sucks.

Working in London, you'd be lucky to get home by 7pm, and don't even think about doing anything at the weekends.

It takes an hour and half to get anywhere, and by the time you've had a lie in, half the day is gone.


Real life sucks. Stay with your parents. Then get married to a rich man and hang around at home all day.

Ever The Idealist said...

real life does not suck! you lot are all boring! you just have to make the dua and ask allah to make your time beneficial and abundant. you will see a real diference. you might also need to take stock of what is important and what is not. hope it gets better soon ia. def DO NOT marry a rich dude - you would end up breaking the not moving from manchester rule! lol

lostkitty said...

Time does seem to fly away. But native female is right - stop being a lazy bum! Get out there, be proactive, make it happen, if you want to meet ppl and talk to ppl then YOU have to make the effort!
I know u can, we all know you can.
SO get to it honey!

NM said...

I am loving the sympathy coming my way, how is a girl supposed to wallow in self pity with friends like you lot!!

Evertheidealist, that’s Harsh women! you know the word boring is my worst nightmare...sob..sob

Fudge, walahi that’s exactly how I see it happening and am not even in London but it still takes me an hour to get from south to north Manchester on two smelly buses!!

I am definitely taking the stay at home part! And for the rich husband…hmm..can he be Egyptian or Bosnian?! Oh of course NO breaking the leaving Manchester rule!