Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gallivanting with Hayak

My fellow psycho friend (as fondly shortened by our non psychologist friends) is between jobs at the moment, she is moving from being a university researcher to being a teacher inshallah which luckily for me means she is as free as a bird till September inshallah! Yay!!!

This time has given us some real bonding time Alhamdulilah and last night was a fine example after our Tuesday circle when MD was trying (bless her) to convince us to go swimming when the following conversation took place

MD: Come on you two, why don’t you want to come swimming
NM and Hayak: NO
MD: you can just paddle
NM and Hayak: I almost drowning as a child
MD: both of you!
NM turns to Hayak: really? When
Hayak: at school, I had to be rescued
NM: Oh my god me too

At this point we both started squealing, clapping and shared our little near death experience. Which turns out to be exactly the same; we came to the conclusion that it was undiagnosed trauma that led us to study psychology and is now leading us to both wanting to in one shape or form work in the education system.

So now Hayak and I can go gallivanting around the northwest, there are so many gems that we poor city folk have just not explored. A perfect example is a little town called Hebdon Bridge which Hayak and I went to last Friday. Visally stunning place and the resident are all hippies so we fit in just fine. Trusting folk too, when Hayak brought her incense she was short of 4 and the lady in the shop told her to pick up 4 on her way out. Hayak did and went back to the lady to show her she had 10. The lady laughed and waved her hand at us saying “go on I trust you” with a broad smile. Not something that you are likely to experience here in Manchester.

This Friday is Lym ( I hear its swingers I came about this information…..through someone I work with….i hope they don’t come out during the day and if by swinging you understand it to be something you find in a playground! Well don’t ask too many questions believe me….


lostkitty said...

You're going places without me?!?! How could you?! Im so hurt, so upset!

I miss u!

Ever The Idealist said...

this not fair NM! how dare you do things without me? where be the sympathy for a poor sister on nights??????? i ask you what happened to sisterly love? shame on you, MD, Hayak and anyother who dares have a life while iam doing nights!

Ever The Idealist said...

salam hon. seems i have ranted a little too early. just wanted to say thanks (you too sara). you will never know how much that mean to me. see you soon ia.

hayak said...

Lovely pic!
Great reading the memories. Hebdon Bridge is one of my fave places as you have come to know!

On my mini blog, I said that we sacrificed sara to the witches at alderley edge...which we did in our heads (Lovely moment when the goat particularly took a shine to her and she in particular, took a shine to the cows). Bless.

NM said...

Evertheidealist your welcome sweet! i know how down you get without me to entertain you :)

Anonymous said...

lym's spelt lymm. how did it go?

NM said...

:) fanks, how did lymm go? we never made it, we went to Alderley edge instead maybe next week inshallah.

Have you been? any tips as to what to do and where to go?