Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Do you ever wonder, how something you said, or enquired about which to you seemed so simple and so straightforward could be misinterpreted so differently? And when it happens more then once with the same person, what on earth does it mean?! Why are you so misunderstood, and not even in a mild sort of way in which you can think to yourself,

“I see how it could have been interpreted that way”

But in such a way that you just sit there when the email arrives thinking, what on EARTH is going on here?! And then restrain yourself from storming into their room and asking them how the HELL they arrived at that conclusion!?!

On the plus side at least am learning to master my emotions, and emailing back a rational, controlled and BLOODY professional response, or so I hope … Arrrgghh


lostkitty said...

Wat happened hun??

MD said...

oh oh! i think a trip to oklahoma cafe is in order!

Anonymous said...

Like all things in life sometimes we learn what our weaknessess are and sometime we learn what problems others have. The true lesson is the way we behave with others, anger is wrong, misinterpretation is wrong, therefore simplicity is a sword and honesty is the sheild. Always use the sheild followed by the sword so that we can protect ourselves. NM learn how to use your weapons wisely, otherwise you will become a hippocrite!!!!!!!!, maybe you already are??? who knows, because we only have yourside of your perception of understanding.
Hope this helps.

NM said...

what happened girls, you really don't want to know but oklahoma chocolate cake and ice-cream would be a GOD send!

Anonymous, hmm....there was't a need of the shield of honesty because it was a simple enquiry!!!
I suppose you have to ACCEPT people for what they are and when the sword, i.e what will be your role? is used and the person totally misunderstands what you asked because of their own personal issues, the shield won't help.

Although a good apology not wrecked by a smarmy, self righteous and arrogent comment always does the job.

Thank you for the comment anonymous...

Ever The Idealist said...
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Ever The Idealist said...

who the heck are you anonymous? leave my friend alone! i have no problem believing Nemo's side of the story. where did this sword come from????? what happened to peace???? Nemo - be strong and keep moving forward ia it will get better soon

NM said...

;) Jazakallah for the support sweety. i am over it now AD, but Nemo, for goodness sake, this better not stick ppl!!

Na'mah it is!