Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Personal statement

I am sat here having a late lunch and trying to write my personal statement for my masters, I think everyone is starting to despair of me ever settling on a course, on a career on a life goal… at this point I would like to point out that I have just turned 22 for goodness sake and just because my mother was responsible and worldly enough to be raising 2 children by this age does not mean that I should have my whole life ( what there is left of if ) pegged out!!

Phew, end of rant! I am actually more annoyed at myself for not knowing what I want and for not being able to write this ***** personal statement, I write so much nonsense the rest of the time (yes the psycho babble ladies) but when it comes to babbling on about why I want to do an MA in special and inclusive education I just can’t get passed the fact that my little sister has learning difficulties ( along with attitude difficulties)

That’s it am in listing Bangles and Hayak, the only other person who I know can make nonsense sound substantial is Stuffed Olive but you can’t ask your boss to help you with these things can you?

I am in dire need of some Happy Food right now a.k.a Chocolate

Help people!!!



I can provide the chocolate but unfortunately can't help with the writing.....coz right now am hella confused about my life......and it doesn't feel good...

By the way...I understand the whole...when I was 22 I was raising two kids on top of other responsibilities story......my mama was the same....but instead I'm a confused wreck.......lucky us huh!
InshaAllah we will sort ourselves out soon!

flowerlady said...

Am a Planner freak cos when i was 15 had a year plan but i also had a five year plan too.
It didn't happen but it makes me happy to feel that i am planning things. Pls i am already planning the scheme or work for next years Applied AS group and its May.

NM you need to have some kinda of big plan and if circumstances happen then you flow with it and change and get on with it. But you need to have a some sort of deadlines that you can tick things off by.

NM said...

Freak?! i love your pet name for me :)but when did it change from weirdo to freak? Shouldn’t i have some notice so that i can respond :)

My god not only does everyone want me to focus on a goal you want a life plan to go with it too!! :)

Seriously though am becoming rather frazzled by this lack of long term vision too.......

How about we sit down and right one? eh eh

i go paid so i can afford to buy coffee again:) Oh even better mint tea and a shared lunch at Falafel Thursday it is inshallah

Lulu said...

You don not always need a plan as such maybe just an overall goal and you can fill in the spaces as you go along.

some people are planners others arn't but it helps to know were you want to be

NM said...

hmmm...lulu ( hi/salam ) i think i have finally mapped out my working life, but am not going to share it just yet i want to digest it a little and let the feeling of rightness grow and mature a little before unleashing my plans in front of an already sceptical audience ( friends and family :)

Lady_WildKat said...

oh here we go with the psycho babble, blah, blah blah.
listen it doesnt need to be a hardcore, excel doc, gantt chart type of plan, with milestones to tick of major accomplishments.

as long as you have a general idea of what you think you'd like to be doing, where you see yourself in 5 years etc. and you are, your working, you want to be in FE sytem(why?????) planning for your masters, InshaAllah one day settle down, travel etc. but short term is getting experiance and gettin ur ass moving to get on the masters!

NM said...

Lol! i believe that Bangles (Gym) has a secret gnat chart under her bed :)

Wow LW you have been listening! Yep that looks to be the plan except maybe for FE bit, looking at educational psychology at the moment.

But in a general, hazy, slightly misshapen sort of way I know what I want , sort of!

Once someone told me to just pick something an apply myself and that my real issue was the fear of being stuck with something and how i prepared to do everything and anything, all being about the experience... Hmm maybe they had a point.

The funny thing being, i think i have finally cracked it, i just need to stick to it!

Ever The Idealist said...

i miss you. iam stuck on these nights! i need your help in finishing the personal statement. i realy am stuck and maybe we can help each othe as for the plan thing - keep it fluid that way it always feels like you are achieving something...

NM said...

Thats more like it, keep it fluid. when are you coming of these silly night shifts?!! missing you too sweety.

I have been adultnapped by Bangles who is sat here making me fill in my application form. The plan is i send it off today or something dire will happen to me :(