Thursday, March 16, 2006


The middle of my week started with me receiving a text from one of my oldest friends telling me that her youngest brother had passed away. I was at this point walking towards my house and I stood at the gate just staring at it. You see I have not yet been touched by the death of someone close to me, not family and not friend’s alhmdulilah and this was going to be my first.

Not only was I going to be sad on behalf of shuks but I was sad on behalf of her family and more so I knew her little brother (Rahmatullah). I met him when I went to Somalia
(My first time back in 12 or so years). I spent the whole year trying to talk shuks into going the same summer, because lets face it my grasp of the Somali language was shockingly poor, my knowledge of the country was pathetic so I needed a somali friend who would hold my hand and that is just the way it turned out.

We arranged to meet up when we got their and within a week of arriving shuks being the resourceful girl that she is called my uncles house ( where we Herbi and I were staying) and we made arrangements to meet in the local souq. Only to discover after our little shopping expiation that we needed to take the same bus back. It turned out that shuks only lived a 2 minute walk away from my uncle’s house and yet we had managed to miss each other for a whole week.

Belatedly Herbi and I went to meet Shuks family and they all looked like her, Absolute stunners the whole family. Her little brother who was 8 or so at the time, was an absolute joy to know, he teased about my Somali and asked we all sorts of inquisitive and funny questioned. I loved him from the first day and when I got the text all I could picture his little smiling face so clearly (Rahmatullah)

When I called shuks she told me how about 10pm during the night she received a call to say that he had been taken to the hospital and about 8am in the morning another call to say that he had passed away and then another call after dhur to say that they had had the Jinaza prayer and had buried him. All this under 24hours, Subhanallah, this stayed with me for the rest of the week, its almost incomprehensible how in under a 24 hour period we can exist, have a presence, effects others lifes and then next we are forever gone, we cease to exist, we are just no longer a part of this world. Subhanallah


SleepDepraved said...

Death is usually a shock even when expected. May Allah grant him Jannah and help all those who loved him overcome grief.

Your two posts mirror each other. One announcing a death and another an expected birth. That is life ain't it? Good luck to your friend.

fudgebumpkin said...

Oh, no - was it Shukri's brother?

Please give her my salaam and love, and tell her I'm thinking about her.

NM said...

He was shukri's youngest brother. i will pass on your salam inshallah.

Sleepd,that is life (bitter sweet)


inalillah waina ilayhi raji'un. wen i got ur txt........i was shocked and i didnt knw the sista. and then i cried......i jst remembered hw it felt 2 lose sum1. May Allah hav mercy on his soul and grant him jannah.

NM said...