Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's been too long

Egypt! The love of my life
I found the coolest, most amazing, most perfect way of going back to egypt! Its more then just a holiday and my parents will be so pleased if i go and study arabic rather then if i just go on "holiday" again (Calculating? well a little maybe)

Since joining the world of work, 3 months summer holidays are out and the best i could hope for is 3 week

So the search for the perfect "time out" a.ka the arabic course started. MD's contacts pointed me towards several course but i enquired about one in particular because the accommodation is a room by the sea side ( at this point i would like to stress that i really do want to learn arabic :)

I emailed the info desk and this was the email reply

"Walikum assalam
You and your friends are welcome any time
We don't mind designing a special seasonal course for you if you are 4 students in 10July to 29 with the price of US$ 470 includes EVERYTHING (classes –accommodation –trip in Cairo and Alexandria- materials –picking up from Airport- tajweed and Hifz)
The registration fees is US$30
If you interested please confirm
Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies"

Next step was to swindle a 3 week holiday from work? i say swindle but really i was going to be a lot of begging i mean egypt, pride, egypt, pride .. EGYPT.

But i didn't need to, my boss ( who is a v cool dude) was fine with the 3 weeks because july is a quiet time. OHHHH HAPPPYYYYY DAYYYYYYssss !!


14 weeks to go!!


Anonymous said...

I am hoping that next conference will be in Egypt! I will tell Nihad & Ojvind about that Idea,and if u want i can make some phone calls and then we will go!

Anonymous said...

They might fall for your trick if you tell them the Vikings built the pyramids...

NM said...

please do, make a few calls tell them the viking built the pyramids etc etc and will go!