Thursday, March 16, 2006

Heels why oh why??

Yesterday I did something very very very silly, I made a bet. Not for monitory or materialistic gain but just so that I could prove a point and say a big fat “I told you so to my friend”. The bet, well it was to wear girly clothes (not my words). So I came to work today dressed in what I can only describe as stereotypical girlies clothes. I even match colour wise!

But the ultimate achievement for this dare was to wear heels (I might be cheating but I dug out my only pair of heels which aren’t really heels because they are kitten heals, but they are pointy. It’s so so unnatural to force your feet into something like that.

Although am not actually wearing them. I am sat here with my socks, the kitten heels firmly under my desk, is that cheating? I am going to argue no because technically I did wear them to work am just not wearing them while at work!

Lesson learnt! Trainer, flat shoes, converse, bumps. Heels a definite no no and what is it with the matching thing? Its no time consuming I already have a lateness problem!! It looks like wearing skirts are still my biggest achievement and will hold the title for a long time to come.

I am putting the heels back on now because my argument isn’t convincing even me L


tails of a mad cow said...

i also fail to understand why people want to mutilate their feet daily for no reason.

Being vertically challenged, you would think I would jump at the chance at adding a couple of inches to myself, but no, I cannot part from my converse.

Anyway, it's ok being short, people help you out a lot on airplanes (carrying your suitcase and putting it into the overhead compartments) and in supermarkets when you can't reach the shelves.

NM said...

Lol! thats v true am taller then all my friends and am always offering to carrying things for them:)