Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Help from above

Sometimes events take place in which you can feel yourself being led. The presence of the almighty is so acute and so discernible that you find yourself carrying out a set of actions while being wholly aware that they are not purely yours, that there is a guiding hand steering you to a particular direction.

Lately I have had a since of being led, it started with sitting in front of my work computer one lunch time thinking to myself that I need a clear career path. I opened the postgraduate homepage of Manchester University and Flicked through the available course from A-Z. One course leapt out of the page and caught my attention.

The interesting thing about this course is that it’s not something that I would ever have envisaged doing. In fact had I only looked through the Postgraduate Psychology course available as I had intended I would never have known about it. Why did I spend my most valued lunch hour in front of my desk and computer looking through the whole of the Postgraduate prospectus, I HAVE NO IDEA?

Secondly, why did I, a couple of weeks later ask all of my contacts in the local collages to find out if there where any volunteer post available. When although the course captured by attention it seemed rather unimpressive and I had reservation about whether the course would keep me interested and motivated for the next 2 years. Why did I take steps to find work experience although I had grave reservations, I HAVE NO IDEA?

Thirdly my sister who was very supportive when I was entertaining the idea of becoming a psychology teacher one day out of the blue announced that she didn’t think teaching the same subject for any length of time would satisfy my flick and somewhat free spirited natured. Why she said this unannounced, I HAVE NO IDEA?

Fourthly I got a call out of the blue ironically as I walked into the postgraduate office of Manchester Met University as I had a meeting there anyway. As soon as I asked for the postgraduate prospectus my phone rang, I answered and it was my friend from Arabic calling to let me know that there was a dyslexia and learning difficulties training session 4days away. The lady co-ordinating it said I could go although it was supposed to be for mentors from the inclusive and special education unit. Why I was invited, I HAVE NO IDEA?

Fifthly I sat in this training session with a broad smile, feeling very much at home and finally it struck home, all the signs that although I had read I didn’t see the importance or the significance of these individual signs so when I finally acknowledged the combined sign/events I had an AHHH moment!!!

Isn’t it a wonder how despite our inattentiveness God keeps sending us signs till our vision clears and we see clearly.

"The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried."
( An-Nawawi's 4o Hadith, End of hadith no.19)


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