Monday, March 06, 2006

A Sri Lankan in our Midst

Today we had a staff meeting as we do around 10.30am every Monday morning in which we brief each other on what we will be working on the week ahead!

The meeting is pretty standard, except when certain senior members of staff go off on a tangent (which is probably the most interesting part of the meeting)

So today in the middle of the who is doing what briefing a certain member of staff decided to share an.. erm.. interesting and newly formed …ahmm.. proverb.

The newly formed proverb that I am sure will prove to rival all that came before it is

“ If you get a Monkey to try to do a Donkey’s job what do you expect to happen “?

After the raucous laughter another member of staff looked puzzled, turned to NH and said

“Oh is that a Sri Lakan saying?”

But for the protection of the whole Sri Lanken race against such slanderous rumours am going to attribute it firmly to the one who in a moment of lax sanity decided to share this newly formed proverb with all of the staff present.

This proverb shall forever be attributed to NH of the inga wanga clan of the highland of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan’s I send my sincerest apologies.


Anonymous said...

I wish i had funny people like this where i work!

NM said...

When you say funny do you mean humorous? or........