Thursday, March 16, 2006

Your jotting but who is reading?!

As I sat on the bus on my way to my friend’s house I thought to myself, The Bosnia trip is rapidly approaching and I haven’t done anything to prepare for it! I dug out my writing pad and made a note on it to do some research on Bosnia.

Doing the research on Bosnia: very good idea
Noting it down on a moving, old, rickety bus : very bad idea

At this point it might be appropriate to point out that I was sat next to a man who was reading a comic (the characters I wasn’t familiar with). As I sat there scribbling notes on my pad, which was precariously balanced on my wrist as I had, two bags with me. I noticed the man who seamed engrossed in his comic moment earlier, looking at my pad and then looking away.

I smiled to myself; the man was behaving as if I was writing something worthwhile rather then just jotting down key words to do with Bosnia. Perhaps I should point out that what these words were, well here is the list

Dutch UN troops
Causes of the war
Country facts

I supposed if you see some of these words alone then your imagination has some topical words to work with. The man kept this looking, looking away behaviour up for a while till I stopped scribbling and put my pad away. After that he would look my way less frequently but still abnormally often and enough for me to contemplate turning around and asking him what was on his mind. Instead I went into my bag and text AD to let her know I was on the bus and hungry ( I wouldnt ask for anything elaborate, just her usual pasta and domino sauce, with a Somali twist, and lots of cheese mmmmmmmm!)

As I was putting my phone back in my bag, I witnessed the look, look away behaviour. Finally enough was enough so I turned to the man and asked him..wait for it

“Excuse me, I was just wondering what your comic was about, I can’t help but notice it from the corner of my eye?”

The man looked at me, puzzled I think is the best way to describe the expression on his face and then said

“Sorry I can’t really talk, am getting off at the next bus stop?”

He grabbed this belongings, stood and walked towards the driver and got off, now I might just be having a cynical moment but am convinced that it was not his intended bus stop. So what was it that offended or freaked him out so that he felt he had to almost jump off the bus! Was it my jottings, was it because I spoke to him, was it because of what I was wearing (several colours) WHAT!!

And why is it that I can’t have that effect on people at will. What if I could learn to utilise that and whenever someone really annoyed ME I could unleash whatever it was that induced that reaction and make them flea. HA HA

I think all this talk of power has gone to my head!But seriously though I would love to meet that man again and ask him what it was that made him run so ?!

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