Saturday, March 25, 2006


My friend from university called me to say that she was expecting. Normally when I hear someone is pregnant, they are usually people who are older then me, or they are a friend of a friend or a distant relative in some far off land. Other then my sister who has given me four adorable nieces, when ever I hear someone is pregnant I go through the motions of calling them and saying congratulations but it doesn’t really touch me or move me anymore then that. It’s what other people do, its expected almost.

So when one of my closest friends who is only a year my senior calls me to tell me that she is pregnant and the baby is due in the summer! I uncharacteristically felt like crying! I was sooooo touched, my little Aysha (or sultan murad as I nicked named her) was having a baby of her own. I little life. i babbled “oh my god” “repeatedly for most of the conversation until Aysha felt the need to steer the conversation on to other safer topics, things that wouldn’t make me want to cry

I am going to see her this Friday after jummah inshallah, to have a look at the ultrasound pictures and feel her belly. Its going to be emotional am going to pack my packet of issues. This will be the first time aysha has seen me cry since the 3 years we have known each other!


Shafi Said said...

Masha-Allah, Ilaahay hawga dhigo mid khayr qaba/qabta oo saalix ah!

NM said...

jazkallah khayr

u really tested my somali there :)

NM said...
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