Monday, March 13, 2006

So you’re running late?

Since I seem to live in a permanent state of running late, here is my helpful guide to getting there respectfully late rather then just plain late ( respectfully late ranges from 1-10mins)

1) You wear glasses instead of contact lens ( too fiddly when your in a rush)

2) If you’re a girl and muslim or even non-muslim through on a jilbab over your pyjamas ( only in dire situations though, you end up being in a sleepy mindset all day)

3) Wear shoes without laces (boots are best especially if your wearing you pyjamas trust me on this one, it can be rather embarrassing when a well intentioned person at university or work asks about your pink, striped pyjama bottoms.

4) If you wear hijab and have sisters, the bane of your life becomes scarf pins!! There is always a dire shortage and you can be sure that on the day you’re running late everyone would have left already and one of your loving siblings would have taken your last 2pins. (Remedy, always have two stashed away in a place where only you know)

5) Socks, the same scenario as the hijab pins (stash, stash, stash or ask your mother, God preserve them, is there anything they don’t know?! Hmm)

6) Your bus pass ( the last thing you need to be worrying about at this point is the correct fare, buy as bus pass its cheaper in most cases anyway, and keep it in your inner-coat pocket, women rarely use their ICP)

7) When you arrive respectfully late, smile sweetly and apologise.

8) If you’re just plain late and the poor unfortunate person you have kept waiting is either a family member or a friend, this is a good time to remind them that you LOVE THEM!

I dedicate this to all those who I have ever kept waiting! Which is just about everyone especially friends and family? I am sorry but remember I LOVE YOU


dazey said...


i've just come rambling along from fudge's blog-and felt immediately drawn. i SO live in a permanent state of running late! so yep a good list to make;). jilbabs man-ease of life.

hope i can learn to be punctual!

dazey xx

NM said...

dazey it sounds like we have something in common. I am still looking for a long term plan to eradicate my lateness problem. Although unexplainable i have arrived early to work on 2consective days this week. Bizarre

peanut said...

good list though I might skip both the scarf pins and the socks- high maintenance i ain't