Wednesday, March 29, 2006


My student friend is experiencing the stress of the looming exam and essay deadlines on top of financial difficulties… scrap that, the phrase just doesn’t do justice to her current situation… BROKE, is the word am looking for. Which unfortunetly is an all too pervasive situation for the majority of student, unless you live at home!

I sent her this text to make her feel better

“Everything we think we own, have or have earned is in fact a loan form the creator right so essentially we are all in debt.”

Although at the time I didn’t think too much upon what I was texting her, Ever since I have been up this morning I have been thinking about it, what does it actually means and if everything we have is a loan we have to account for it right!

We all know this, but how often do we think about how we spend our blessing, be it in the form of money, time, strength, intellect etc etc.. Can we account for what we did with them, how we used them, who benefited from them!

I for one most certainly can't!! And on the other hand why do we find it so difficult to ask for help from one another, shouldn’t it be a given?! Why is it that we would rather struggle alone then just say?

“Listen I am having difficulties with this are you able to help me”

But then again should we have to ask? If we claim to know someone well and we claim to love them should we not know about their situation without being told, in fact should we not offer without being asked. And why is it then when we offer help to one another we are reluctant to accept?!


I am reminded of my key ring, I see it everyday, I use it at least a couple of times a day and yet the message on it

" The messenger (SAW) of Allah; "None of you (truly) believe until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself"

Seems to have slipped from my mind, Lets getting wishing


Shafi Said said...

Naima, your right everything is a loan and we're held accountable for it. As for help, if everytime someone needed help, another offers without being initially asked, the world would be a much better place to live in - with less hostilities and hate!

Unfortunately, in an "Ideal" world, thats all a fantasy!

P.s i see you have changed your Blog and also kicked out sister MD? or did she get her own blog?

NM said...

The black was a little sullen and moody, needed to be changed

LOL! No MD has her own blog, i wanted to add her to my links but made her a contributor instead, its a wonder that i have even worked out how to blog :)

We should ultimately aim for the highest of ideals till it becomes our reality

md said...

aa dude

I agree so much with what you said which i s why i think we should taken it upon ourselves to help our sister. Helping her will not benefit just her but also us in the long run as Allah will reward us for our intentions and our efforts.


Zaynab said...

Allah naima.!!!!!! Hey gal it's me zaynab ;)

Naya how did u find my Daam we exchange numbers and then loose contact! Typical somaha.

Next time i'm at your endz i want my cuppa shaax(ok glass of orange juice).

Like your blog 2 sis..Mac Mac.x

Shafi Said said...

Ok now zaynab! Lay off the sister!

Don't mind her Naima, thats the same line she threw at me.


Its true wat da sista said.......helpin anatha in the long run benefits u while at the same tym benefitin da person in need.
See, da wrld will be a beta place if dat were da case. But unfortunately dats a fantasy......i say its tym dat fantasy became a reality!!
after...Laa yu'minu ahadukum hataa yuhibbu li akheehi ma yuhibbu li nafsihi....ryt.
As da sista said.........lets get wishin!!!

NM said...
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NM said...

Native female

It took me a while to work out who you are despite us having this conversation :)

old age eh

Shafi, i think Zaynab just needs some tea : )


lol....its ok doin this
Av commented on a few ppl's blog.....they'll be wonderin who i am still tho....i thought as soon as u read the comment you'll knw it knw it was me........coz of the way i wrote.
anyway.....stay sweet!